Sunday, June 22, 2014

A little slice of last week.

Last week was a bit crazy, and I've already got my nervous breakdown penciled in for this week (being short-staffed and actually caring about things like customer wait times make your eyes twitchy, trust me). Just to keep things interesting for us last week, the air conditioner decided to break on the first 90 degree day...just like it did to us last year. It's really kind of a dick. When we came in on Wednesday morning, it was already 85 degrees (and only about 70 outside. FUN).  In an attempt to keep a bit of sanity going, I decided to record some of the gems of the morning.

"Do you have the heat on?"'s 85, at 9 AM 

"Is your air conditioner broke?"....again, 85, yup 

"Oooooh! It's warm!"..... grrrrrrrr 

Luckily they fixed it pretty quickly, but really people. I know I'm rather tiny and very pale, but that does not mean I'm so anemic and frail that I need to have a sauna going to keep me alive.

The thing that always keep me alive, as always, is music. And last week I got to see the Arctic Monkeys at Stage AE. I felt sick from working in the sauna and didn't really feel like going, but I'm really glad I forced myself. They are fantastic live. If you watch Orphan Black, the lead singer is what I imagine Felix would be like if he were a singer rather than an artist. Which is to say mesmerizing and full of sass and swagger.

Coming up this Saturday is the WYEP music festival, so I'm looking forward to some fantastic free music at the end of this hell week. Free music and a giant pitcher of sangria. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm still alive!

At least I think I am. This is the last day of my mini vacation, in which I was supposed to be super productive, and get my shit together, and make a couple phone calls... yeah. I also really wanted one day where I could stay in my pajamas all day and not put on makeup or otherwise deal with the outside world, but the cats are out of food, so I have to go to Target at some point today. On the up side, I left the house three times to go to the Arts Festival (and one of those times I got to sing on the main stage, woo!) so that's a positive. And I did bring one of the cabinets upstairs, and it's currently sitting on a tarp waiting for me to strip and paint it. That only took a year...hopefully bringing it upstairs was the hardest part, but we all know that's not true. Yay project procrastination!! Now I'm going to watch Penny Dreadful and try to figure out a way to put off Target till tomorrow, but I already put my face on, so I'm sure I'll leave the house eventually.

Also, the Mika Pandora station is the best thing for post-TFIOS movie depression. Just in case anyone needs help with that.
This is where I'm pretending I spent my vacation.