Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween Hangover

Free Time?! Where?! I need it!

I've had several people tell me that I have more activities going on than their kids, and I guess I should be proud of myself for not giving up on the things I enjoy just because I'm an "adult", but seriously, sometimes I just want a nap. I'm still recovering from last week, but it was so amazing that I really don't mind the energy suck.

Last Monday I took my fabulous brother-in-law to a costume gala held by the Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre (PICT). I only found out about it a few days before the event, and it was a scramble to find someone to go with. Because I had to be there. The guest of honor for the night was....wait for it.....Joffrey from Game of Thrones. Eeeeee!!! If you have the opportunity to get drunk at an open bar while wearing a costume in the presence of the sadistic boy/king of Westeros, all while supporting the Arts, you HAVE to do it. I'm pretty sure my text to my brother went something like: "You want to go get drunk with me and King Joffrey?" "Um, YES!" It's so nice to have people around who are willing to participate in my crazy shenanigans, even on a Monday (when they're starting a new job the next day. We're clearly responsible.)

I ran to the Halloween store last minute to find something to throw together, but the things I bought were crap when I got them home, so I had to go shopping in my closet. I decided to try my new pinstripe corset over a purple blouse I've had for a million years and never wear any more (this is why I hoard!). My first thought when I saw them together was of Regina from Once Upon A Time, so I busted out a purple and black ballgown skirt that I had from a high school homecoming dance (another win for hoarding)... and that's when I entered the world of wardrobe malfunctions. Lacing up your own corset is hard enough, and I was really thankful for all the yoga, but I really should have put the skirt on first. I may still be a fairly small person, but my waist is not the same size as sophomore me. Let's just say I got a little stuck. Once I FINALLY got myself in the skirt there was no way in hell it was going to zip up. So I just jammed the whole top of the skirt up underneath the corset as far as it would go. And that little effer was tight. Luckily I avoided any additional mishaps, and no one at the event saw my bum, so it worked out.

Poison apple anyone?

Brother initially had on the classic cat ears and tail to go with his regular clothes, but after some older society women spent a while gushing about our costumes, I decided he should be Sheriff Graham aka Sheriff Skinnyjeans from the first season of OUAT. Yay for pretending we coordinated costumes!!  We're both horribly awkward people, so it took pretty much the whole night for us to work up the courage to ask for a picture with Joffrey (real name Jack Gleeson, who is insanely nice in real life). And by 'work up the courage' I really mean 'get drunk enough not to care about being rude'. Worth it!

Actual Halloween night was also amazing. I went with the bestie to see a screening of the National Theatre Live production of Frankenstein, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller. Benny was the monster, so he spent a good portion of the show only partially clothed (yay!) but mostly covered in scar monster type makeup. Still incredibly attractive. I'll admit, as a HUGE fan of Sherlock, I thought I understood how talented he was... I had no idea. This performance literally left my mouth hanging wide open, full-on amazed and in awe. Everyone should see it. But they won't release in on DVD, so if I find out about another screening you can bet I'll be there. I'm addicted. This little clip just gives you a taste of how amazing it was. And the sets!! Hanging light bulbs, a rotating corkscrew of a stage... I can't even talk about it. I have no words. So imma go now... watch this again.

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