Thursday, September 26, 2013

TV Talk

I love TV. Let me clarify: I love a good story. And just about any excuse for an awards show (sparkly dresses!!). So this has been a pretty great week. Sunday night was the Emmys, and I love me some NPH, especially when he sings. And especially when he sings with Nathan Fillion. I also love Nathan Fillion. I am filled to the brim with nerd love here people. 

As you know, I can get giddy-excited about little things, and this broadcast, while being a bit depressing (James Gandolfini and Cory Monteith tributes = sobbing) and occasionally boring (sorry Elton, and Carrie) had some gems. Merritt Wever wins my best speech of the night. Hell, best speech ever.  

That was the speech? It was obvious! It was pointless! It was... short! I loved it!

My runner up is Jeff Daniels, because I love The Newsroom, and because he was too stunned to spit out his gum. Seriously Jeff, you could have swallowed it. Or mashed it to the roof of your mouth.  I’m pretty sure I did that every day of High School, even in choir, and that could have choked me to death.  I know everyone is saying that his win was a HUGE upset, and that the show is horribly flawed, but I don’t care, I freaking love Will McAvoy and every single character on that show.
Ooh, and a special mention goes to Veep, and the way Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepted her award in character, with Tony Hale in full Gary mode right behind her, clutching her purse and feeding her lines. HBO is just the best. Gaaah, I love all the things.

Fun fact about me: I have been a subscriber to Entertainment Weekly since the seventh grade. Uninterrupted. I read about tons of movies I wasn’t even allowed to see yet (my parents were big believers in censorship). Mostly I just wanted it because it had lots of articles about Titanic that weren’t just “Ooh, Leo has such pretty hair.” (Obsession alert: I saw it seven times in the theatre. I have a model replica of the ship… still not put together… I suck at projects).

One of my favorite things: The EW Fall TV Preview! This is truly essential reading. Last year a friend was over and reading my copy, and we decided that there were too many good things on at the same time, and that in order to keep all our shows straight we needed to make a chart. Yup, I'm that dork that makes a graph before watching TV. This year I kept waiting and waiting and it never seemed to come. I was getting really worried. Bones was due to start in a week, and I still didn't have it. Then they said it was due out that Friday (yay!) but Saturday rolled around and I still didn't have it (panic attack!). So I requested a new one, and they wouldn't approve it because apparently there was some sort of reported delivery issue in my area (crying on the floor). It came Monday. Then I got out a ruler and made me a grid (lie. I used my cell phone, and that grid is squiggly as hell).  There are 13 shows written down. Sort of--I just wrote HBO down in the Sunday 9PM slot, because let's face it, I'll watch just about anything on that channel. I’m already something like two hours (three shows) behind in my viewing. Did I mention that TV stresses me out? 

Expect some full-on love rants in the very near future.  

Note: I have no idea why half of my text is in little white boxes. I'm just gonna go with "the computer hates me" and move on with my life.

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