Sunday, March 9, 2014

And I'm feeling good.

Today I took class 10 of 30. I might actually be able to do this!! Correction: I am doing this, and I'm killing it. Or at least mildly strangling it. Either way, progress! Today I was especially proud of myself for waking up since we lost an hour of sleep last night, and I had a brand new alarm to wake up to.

Somehow I think the exhaustion from Daylight Savings has combined with the good energy from all the yoga and just canceled each other out. I feel normal. And that's ok. There was a sub leading class today, and while I prefer the flow of my regular Sunday class, I did like some of the thoughts she threw out at the beginning of practice. It's one of progress, change, and coming to know yourself: Practice yoga once a week, and change your mind. Practice three times a week, and change your body. Practice every day, and change your life. It is a lot of work to rearrange schedules enough to have a daily practice, but it does make it much easier to take the work you do in class 'off the mat'. I am a naturally sarcastic and somewhat cynical person... when you grow up on Seinfeld and Friends that just happens. But I should be more aware when I'm using it as humor, and when I'm actually just being a bitch. Yoga off the mat is a lifelong journey, just as I imagine the road to a headstand will be. I have a very round head.

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