Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just push through.

Challenge update: I doubled up on classes again tonight, which puts me back on pace with 13 classes. Yay! However, I can't make it to any Friday classes, so I'll be behind again... meaning another double day on Saturday. I'm starting to feel like a hamster in a damn wheel. Our recycling pickup guy came in to work today, and I was holding a door open with one foot so I wouldn't get locked out while I signed his clipboard. He made some comment on my balance, and I replied that it was all the yoga. When he found out I was doing the 30 day challenge, his eyes bugged out and he said, "Well, how do you feel?" "...Tired....?" It was a good enough line for a laugh, but it's so stinking true. This morning when my alarm went off, I sat up and curled my head into my knees and started to whine. When my husband asked if I was OK I pretty much cried out "I don't wanna get up." So now I'm a tired, whining baby. Who's developing some serious arm and core strength. Yesssss.

Also, Arcade Fire was amazing. Once I finally woke up a bit. And big plus here, my new phone takes effing awesome pictures! I'm excited to keep playing with the functions and in-camera editing, but here's my favorite shot of last night, done two ways.

So much fun to play with!

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