Friday, March 21, 2014

Snowy Spring

I had the day off, and thanks to my triple play of yoga yesterday, I did not have to leave the house. Which means no real pants or makeup. Which means I look like a freaking homeless person. Oh well. I think my middle school math teacher was the one who told me it takes two to three weeks to make a behavior into a habit, and I always sort of believed it, but never actually managed to make any life changes of my own. I am most decidedly not a morning person. If left to my own devices for days on end, I stay up till 3 AM and sleep till noon-ish. But somehow, today when I had every intention of being in bed till at least 11, I woke up all on my own.... at fucking 9:15. Three weeks of absolutely no days sleeping in, where every day was either work or yoga, and I've managed to destroy my ability to hibernate. But at least the last two days I've gotten somewhat healthy amounts of sleep, so my body seems to be evening out. I changed the ring tone on my phone, so I'm not terrified of oversleeping, and it seems to have worked. I don't recall waking up at 3 AM, or 4:30, or 5:40 (five minutes before the damn alarm for work...grrr). I know I feel stronger, so maybe I'm close to actually feeling like I have more energy, too. I can see the light at the end of the Challenge tunnel, and I've got to say, it's exciting. I've managed to not fall apart too terribly bad. And I think that I'm enough addicted to the good workout feelings that I can scale back and maintain three to four classes weekly without it being too much of a pain in the ass. Here's to progress!!

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