Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Zombie day.

That's what I've felt like all day. A damn zombie. Today is my first non-vomiting fail day. I meant to get up and go to 6 AM yoga, but not coming home till after 10 last night from choir practice really killed me. And the 180 the weather did. It's a dark, freezing world out there today. I've been fighting to keep my eyes open for hours now. But that should all change in an hour or two, because it's Arcade Fire concert time!!!!! Did those exclamation points feel forced? ....They were a little. But I really, really WANT to be excited. I'm going to wear a poofy glittery dress. I'm going to put on more eye makeup. I might even have a rhinestone headband somewhere. Maybe I should do some jumping jacks to pump myself up, or I could just listen to this again.

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