Saturday, March 22, 2014

Long Island headache.

Some day I will tell you the story of today, aka 'How I Know I'm Going To Hell', but for now let me just list my day for you:

  • Woke up before 6 AM (terrible)
  • Worked till 3:15 (terrible)
  • Stuffed my face, and drank a big ass raspberry Long Island (pretty good)
  • Watched 2/3 of Divergent (meh)
  • Missed the last 1/3 because some guy collapsed, and CPR and ambulance panic erupted. (do I need to rate this?)
  • Developed a horrible headache on the drive home due to the combination of alcohol, adrenaline, and self-loathing (awful)
  • Took a nap (meh)

Now, who's ready to do a double of yoga in the morning?!  Yay?

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