Sunday, March 2, 2014

So I drink a little...

Hey day two! I'm happy to report that I've done three classes in two days toward my 30 day challenge. I'm also finished with my concerts for this cycle. We did Durufle's Requiem, which is an absolutely beautiful piece of music, but is an absolute bugger to sing. Especially when you're a Soprano 1. Especially when you're a Soprano 1 with a sinus infection. Also, my left arm feels like I'm going to start looking like that guy from 'Lady in the Water' that only lifts one side of his a fiddler crab. Holding my stupid music folder for two full concerts after doing that much yoga (and after about a month of doing pretty much no yoga), well, I'm not gonna lie. It hurts. At this point in time I pretty much have to keep up the daily class schedule, because if I skip now I don't think I'll be able to straighten out my limbs on the second day.

It's also Oscar night, which is usually my favorite night of the year, but I really dropped the ball this time. For the past five years, I've tried to see the majority of nominated films before the ceremony, but this year my husband got mono, and to quote him, he was going to have "stabbed [me] in the eye if you go to 'Wolf of Wall Street' without me." So I thought, hey, I like having two eyes... symmetry, and all that. So I didn't see it, and I didn't see Gravity, or Dallas Buyers Club, or Her.... I pretty much failed. I did see '12 Years A Slave' (amazingly and beautifully heartbreaking), and 'American Hustle' (I love everyone in the cast), so it's not a total loss... and I did read my Entertainment Weekly, so I'm pretty sure I'll still win the candy bets, but I'm just not as emotionally invested this year. At least there will still be pretty dresses. And wine. Which I already drank half a bottle of over dinner. Thank you Narcissi for being delicious, and for being right down the road. Time to take my semi-drunk ramblings to a live audience (aka, my cats). Be back tomorrow with another list of what part of my body hurts, and probably some Oscar thoughts!

Obligatory Oscar picture.

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