Monday, March 10, 2014

Apparently I sometimes like pink.

Ever since I was little, my mother tried to shove me into pink things. I'm pretty sure it's because I was her only child, and since she had me when she was 36 she wanted to get every ounce of girly living doll time out of me that she could. So of course, as soon as I was able to have an opinion about my clothes I rejected all the frilly, bow covered puffballs she tried to put me in. Not to say I haven't grown up in touch with my feminine side... I enjoy lace, and most glittery things, but for the most part pink is always off limits. Until tonight. I went to the mall to help a friend find new interview clothes, and god help me, everything I liked was effing pink. I'm not sure if I'm just having one of those opposite days, or if it really is growing on me. I didn't buy any of it, but I looked. I looked hard. Who am I?!

I also wanted this adorable wicker camera purse, which lives in a store with a lot of pink things. Also, I would like some lemonade. 

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