Thursday, March 6, 2014

And then there was granola everywhere...

A little story about my day.

I usually buy three avocados at a time from Aldi's. They are insanely under-ripe. I ate one with the last bit of my bread last week, then everyone started moaning about the 18 inches of snow we were supposed to get, so naturally I avoided the store like the plague (even though I legitimately NEEDED BREAD). So yesterday I finally took my lazy ass in and got another loaf of bread... and this morning both the remaining avocados looked like Odin's rotten eye socket when I cut them open. Why do avocados have to be so hard?! And delicious? Instead of my amazing breakfast I had planned, I just went for some new cereal (which has coconut in it, so it's still kind of exciting), and since I'm so good at mornings, naturally I exploded the bag all over the counter. The dog thought this was the best day ever. I was not so happy. All. Over. The. Damn. Counter.

This is sadly a fairly common life story from me. And here I thought yoga was supposed to help with coordination and muscle control.


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