Friday, March 7, 2014

What a difference a day (with sun) makes.

Today was something like magic. The sun came out. Coats came off. There were birds, and people were actually smiling. Not the homicidal 'I'll kill the next person who mentions snow' smile, but honest happy to be alive grins. When you work with the public, you really appreciate the difference good weather can make.

Today was also a long day, so that meant no yoga, but I've got my class buffer from Wednesday so I'm still on pace. Go me! But now that I'm sitting here typing, I can tell that it would take me about 30 seconds to fall asleep if I let myself (and I really should).

But first, tiny story. How many people do you know who own The Fifth Element soundtrack? Probably not many. Well, there are two at my work (yes, I'm one of them). Which further solidifies the theory that my friend has about me and our boss being the same person. We have the same nervous tics (or have gradually absorbed each other's) and the same ridiculous expressions, and apparently the same taste in awesome sci-fi movies. So when nothing in life seems to amaze you any longer, just think to yourself, "Holy shit, there are two of them" and the universe shall return to its bizarrely terrifying glory.

Also, this is going to be fantastic. 

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